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UCC Care Pvt. Ltd. entered Senior Living space in 2009, and over the last 5 years has acquired in-depth knowledge and operational experience in the field. We own and operate ‘The Golden Estate’ facilities which are known as India’s finest in the sector.


Our expertise spreads across concept development, market research, project planning, marketing, sales, and construction.

This covers following areas:

  • Analysis and Product Development
  • Infrastructure Design and Specifications
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operational Planning
  • Facility Operations
  • Co-branding

Analysis and Product Development

  • Analyse and determine market size, demographic mapping along with geographical location of the proposed facility.
  • Develop options of financial models suited for the proposed services, based on established business goals.
  • Prepare legal framework for sale/lease/service agreements incorporating special requirements of a Senior Living Facility.

Infrastructure Design and Specifications

  • Design parameters in terms for unit sizes, space organization and distribution of services/utilities for a Senior Living Facility.
  • Layout parameters for specialized requirement in internal space organization of residential, service and technical areas.
  • Define material specifications satisfying aesthetic, safety and specialised requirement of a Senior Living Facility.
  • Identify and select a design team with experience in Senior Living Industry.
  • Supervise Design and PMC teams towards planning and execution of the project.

Marketing & Sales

  • Define brand vision and communication roadmap including communication anchors / key messages
  • Identify primary and secondary target groups. Create plans for influencing the influencer by bringing out the dynamics between influencer and Target Group.
  • Train sales team; develop sales kit and protocols for face to face interaction.

Operational Planning

  • Plan all required customised services in the facility.
  • Prepare SOP’s for all operational areas enabling efficient service delivery.
  • Complete employment mapping to ensure cost effective operations.
  • Complete list of equipment requirement including vendor identification and purchase negotiations.
  • Identify and formalize partnerships with required external service providers.
  • Impart training to key on-location staff members of operational team.

Facility Operations

Complete management of the facility using our facility management programme especially developed for Senior Living facilities keeping in mind the unique social and cultural needs of Indian seniors.

Co-branding Opportunity

Hands-on experience gained over past 5 years backed by successful operation of the only fully serviced Senior Living facility in the country under our brand “The Golden Estate” has catapulted us into a position to leverage our brand equity, for partner projects, focused on retirement and assisted care services to Senior Citizens’ community.

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The Golden Estate Video (English)
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